Preparing for Healthcare's Paradigm Shift

What's driving change in Healthcare?

The novel coronavirus has accelerated and changed the future of healthcare around the world and we’re here to help you navigate it. Join the World Health tech summit's fully virtual series which is spread across 4 months of inspiring speakers, new technologies, relevant information, and the most networking you've ever experienced in an online event. We are not just getting a live/recorded zoom seminar. Instead, we’re investing in re-creating the entire conference experience with spreads across 4 months and an online platform that brings attendees the knowledge and insights they expect from more than 100+ speakers and experts, plus great ways to meet peers and prospects from around the world.

This is a full-scale virtual conference - Virtual exhibit booths (support provided), discord server supported real-time chat conversation moderated by panelists, pre-scheduled one to one meetings (Using our inhouse Ignite networking video app), online social networking platform, mobile connecting app - we have it all.

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#Get to know the companies defining the future of Healthtech, digital therapeutics, digital and connected care coupled with the best virtual conference experience ever.

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With 6 Conference tracks, 35+ fireside chats, 150+ startup presentations, 50 Digital Health featured Entrepreneurs, and exclusive insights research report the conference will address the technologies, trends, and challenges during the current pandemic that will shape the way we deliver care and combat diseases forevermore.

Learn more about the topics and themes we are covering at World Health tech Summit 2021 here.


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What we can do for you?

Today's crisis has already accelerated both major and permanent shifts in healthcare. World Health Tech summit 2020 will broadly address head-on the technologies, trends, and challenges today that will shape the way we deliver care and combat infectious diseases in the future.

Featured Keynote Speakers & Panellists

Sep 08-09, 2021

Investments and Partnership Track (covering healthcare & biotech)

Our Investments and Partnership track gathers Venture/PE investors, founders of innovative health-tech and medtech start-ups, CEOs/VPs/C Level executives of publicly listed healthcare and life sciences giants, and everyone in between. It represents the breadth and depth of the cutting-edge research and technology driving the advances in the industry right now and in the near future. The industry’s c-suite will be joined by the sector’s most active investors, pharma and health tech BD&L teams, R&D leaders, KOLs and top tier service companies who are moving the sector forward.

Sep 06-07, 2021

Digital Health & Telemedicine Track

Hear from CEOs and companies offering online doctor visits, remote patient monitoring, virtual ICUs, Tele consultations and symptom checkers to help deliver care remotely. Right from SPACs to Lead funding rounds, novel tech innovations, we cover it all.

Sep 06-07, 2021

Digital Clinical Trials & AI Track

Today’s outbreak has illuminated improvement areas for Clinical Trials. A robust ecosystem of specialized startups is emerging, offering solutions from study design and trial operations to data management and report writing with impressive ­results: lower costs, improved outcomes, enhanced data quality and operational efficiencies, and shorter time to market for new products.

Sep 07-08, 2021

Digital Therapeutics & Innovation Track

With the health system currently inundated, patients can turn to digital programs to help them treat and manage their illnesses. Find out what’s next for digital therapeutics. There is a new wave of companies offering unique approaches to primary care.

Sep 08-09, 2021

AI, ML, Robotics in Healthcare Track

Artificial intelligence is playing an important role in the current crisis and has wide-ranging applications across healthcare. Learn how companies are using AI for surveillance of infectious diseases, drug discovery, medical imaging, and more. Co-located with Global Ai health summit 2021

Sep 20-21, 2021

Population Health & Vaccine Track

Early COVID-19 data is highlighting how some communities are disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. Learn how data and technology can enhance population health and SDOH strategies.

Sep 20-21, 2021

Genomics & Longevity Track

Better understanding of the human and pathogen genomes can offer breakthroughs in the fight against COVID-19 and other diseases. Hear how genomics can assist with testing/diagnosis, treating diseases, and human longevity.


Marketing and Lead Generation Package

World Health Tech Summit 2020 will address head-on the technologies, trends, and challenges today that will shape the way we deliver care and combat infectious diseases in the future. World Health Tech Summit 2020 virtual experience promises to bring sponsors more leads and more connections than are possible in a real life environment.

  • Higher attendance. Lower prices and no travel costs = more prospects participating
  • Speaking opportunities. For the first time ever, our sponsorship package offers every sponsor the opportunity to participate as a speaker in a session dedicated to your segment of the industry. This thought leadership will attract the audience that’s most interested in your product or service.
  • Virtual booth with video meetings. The platform we’ll be using will allow sponsors to create and staff a virtual booth, with options for hosting video and other collateral, as well as the means to have video or text conversations with online browsers.
  • Analytics and data. Sponsors will receive information about every attendee that interacts with each piece of content.
  • Limited competition. Only 25 virtual booths are available so that attendees are able to interact with all the sponsors they are interested in.
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